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Who we are

Kleer Pak is an industry-leading converter that specializes in producing high-quality custom preformed bags and pouches for the food and consumer goods packaging industries.

Since our launch in 1977, Kleer Pak's key focus has been to connect our clients with moderately priced pouch converting services. Our staff works hand in hand with you to quickly convert pre-printed or unprinted films into pre-made bags and pouches. We'll step up your final stages of production in the most cost-effective way possible.

Kleer Pak stays on the cutting edge of technology to elevate manufacturing efficiency and provide outstanding consumer-safe products. Recent equipment investments, a quality assurance lab and AIB Certification keep Kleer Pak ahead of the curve in the converting community.

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What we do

As a custom manufacturer and converter of flexible packaging films, our job is to produce the best custom pre-made/preformed bags and pouches at an affordable price. Products include:

  • Zipper Pouches
  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Stand Up Zipper Pouches
  • Quad Seal Pouches
  • Three Side Seal Pouches
  • Two Side Seal Pouches
  • Quad Seal Bags with Fin Seal
  • Quad Fin Seal Bags with Seal Strip Tape
  • Side Gusseted Bags
  • Crimp Seal Bags
  • Fin Seal Bags
  • Lap Seal Bags

We also provide film slitting and rewinding services.

But Kleer Pak offers more than just pouches and bags. We bring knowledge, expertise and industry networking to handle every aspect of film, printing, converting and logistics. Tell us your needs and our experienced staff will help you find a solution.

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Who we serve

For nearly 40 years, we have supplied small and large companies across the U.S. with top-tier bags and pouches. Our products are used in a wide range of flexible packaging industries. Markets we serve include:

  • Food
  • Prepared
  • Frozen
  • Pet Food
  • Candy
  • Food Nuts
  • Food Snacks
  • Chips
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutritional Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal Care Products
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Consumer goods
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Chemical
  • Detergents
  • Household Products
  • Industrial

Kleer Pak's global reach provides extensive resources for all your packaging needs.

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Quality assurance

At Kleer Pak, we are committed to high standards of quality. Our facility is audited annually by the AIB (American Institute of Baking). We believe it is important to maintain a framework of standard practices and procedures for testing, sampling, and recording the level of quality produced at any given time during the manufacturing process.

Our standard test procedures include:

  • Visual Test
  • Vacuum Chamber Test
  • Burst Test

During Kleer Pak's nearly 40 years of history, we have built a reputation for prompt delivery, excellent quality and consistent products. All customers can expect this high level of service each and every time. We earned our reputation by following strict manufacturing practices and implementing effective order processing, scheduling, fabricating, packaging and shipping. Each employee understands the needs of our customers and lives up to their expectations.

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Founded in 1977, Kleer Pak has grown to meet the needs of the industry. Our operation was first housed in a 3,500 square-foot facility in Franklin Park, Illinois. As business grew at a comfortable rate, we moved to a larger facility in Bensenville, Illinois in 1982. Eleven years later, in 1993, Kleer Pak moved and expanded once again, this time to a brand new, 24,000 square-foot, air-conditioned facility in Addison, Illinois. Kleer Pak continues to call this state-of-the-art facility home today.

  • 1999 June

    Kleer Pak comes under new management the core business and its value remains the same, including all employees and the management team.

  • 2002 May

    Facility is upgraded with Epoxy floor to meet and exceed the GMP standards.

  • 2003 April

    All bag and pouch machines are upgraded to meet the current technology and safety standards. Improvement enhances our efficiency, quality and product's consistency.

  • 2006 June

    Rollout Stock Nylon-Poly Vacuum Pouches program to fill the needs of small mom-and-pop gourmet food business seeking pouches in smaller quantities.

  • 2008 August

    Purchase our first brand new Stand Up Zipper Pouch Machine.

  • 2009 January

    Build brand new quality assurance lab with state-of-the-art testing equipment.

  • 2010 December

    Received AIB Certification.

  • 2011 March

    Acquire Dunsenberry 635 BL slitting machine.

  • 2013 March

    Purchase our Second brand new Stand Up Zipper pouch machine.

  • 2016 December

    Purchase our Third brand new Stand Up Zipper pouch machine.