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Pre-made Bags

When it comes to food and consumer goods, shoppers demand product freshness, quality and reliability. Kleer Pak's pre-made bags deliver on those expectations while enhancing your brand's visibility. We specialize in producing custom printed and unprinted bags in a variety of film structures and configurations, with flexible add-on features to handle your specifications and needs.

You can count on Kleer Pak's pre-made bags to be reliable and safe. Our facility offers state-of-the-art bag machines that meet current technology and safety standards, increasing efficiency and providing the best consumer-safe products.

Our specialties include Polypropylene Bags, Bopp Bags and Barrier Bags.

Polypropylene and Bopp Bags

Kleer Pak Polypropylene and BOPP bags meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact and are used to package candy, dry fruits, nuts, spices, snacks, bakery products, and more. Bags are custom manufactured using Bicor Clear Coated ASB-X film made by Jindal Films, formerly ExxonMobil. We offer these bags in 1.50 mil, 1.70 mil and 2.10 mil film thickness. We also offer side-gusseted bags.

All bags are made-to-order according to your specifications and needs.

Why bags with Bicor Clear Coated ASB-X film?

Bicor ASB-X is a two-side coated, sealable OPP film designed for flexible packaging applications like candy, snacks, spices, dry fruits, nuts, and dry goods. Bicor films feature proprietary coating technologies that use acrylic, polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC), polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and low-temperature sealing coatings (LTSC). These coating technologies deliver excellent performance for food and nonfood packaging needs.

Key Performance Characteristics:

  • Outstanding optical properties
  • Robust machinability
  • Low and consistent COF
  • Excellent flavor and aroma barrier
  • Excellent heat seal strength and hot tack
  • Very good moisture barrier
  • Good oxygen barrier

These barriers protect the package contents and extend the shelf life of consumer products, so our customers can expand their product's distribution channels, reduce stales and keep products tasting "first day fresh."

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Barrier Bags

Kleer Pak Barrier Bags are used to package food, frozen food, candy, dry fruits, nuts, snacks, beef jerky, pet food, household products, detergents, and consumer goods. Our Barrier Bags are made with two-ply film lamination & multi-layer film lamitation for applications that require a good oxygen, moisture and light barrier for product stability and better shelf life.

We offer these bags in a wide range of film structures and film thickness, such as:

  • Prop to Prop laminated films
  • 48 GA. PET/Adh/2.5 mil LLDPE
  • 48 GA. PET/Adh/3.0 mil LLDPE
  • 50 GA. Saran Coated PET/Adh/ 2.5 mil LLDPE
  • 48 GA. MET PET/Adh/2.5 mil LLDPE
  • 48 GA. PET/10.8#WLDPE/.000285F/10.8#EAA/.0015 LLDPE
  • 48 GA. PET/10.8#LDPE/.000285F/10.8#EAA/.0015 LLDPE

Other barrier film structures are also available.

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